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Chimney sweeping

It goes without saying that the bulk of our work is Chimney sweeping.

Using the latest powered rotary systems as opposed to the old chimney sweeps brushes, your flue is given the ultimate clean sweep from bottom to top. We sweep all flue types, whether you have a multi-fuel burner, a log burner or wood burner, an oil burner or an open fire, we do them all.

A chimney CCTV camera will also be sent up the flue to check for any debris and to inspect the overall flue condition, as well as checking the sweep is complete and no sections have been missed. A chimney inspection or flue inspection is an integral part of the modern-day sweeping process.

The CCTV camera can also check the chimney flue for bird nests and assist in the bird nest removal, checking it’s all completely removed.

Once the chimney sweep is complete, or the bird nest removal, all the soot or nest debris will be extracted using the latest H Class extractor to ensure nothing escapes back into the home. This is all taken away and disposed of in an environmentally safe manner. You can see our waste licence in full as issued by the Environment agency by clicking here, as well as the snippet direct from their website below.

All of the above combined make for a thorough clean of the chimney flue.

Upon completion, a sweep certificate will be issued for your records. At this point it is

advisable to book your next chimney sweep to secure a slot in the diary.

As a side note, we’re often asked how often chimneys need to be swept and this depends

entirely on the fuel type you are burning, with some fuel types it should be every 6 months

but a maximum of 12 months in all cases.

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